We changed the company name !!!

Enterprise Official Notification

To all valuable partner,

We has changed our company name into ‘MemoSolid Technology Ltd’, and changed our brand into ‘MemoSolid’.


Please be attention to below events:

1- The company body and legal status will not be changed. The business contract, business transaction, business relationship, the technology support and after-sale services will not be changed;

2- New company ‘MemoSolid Technology Ltd’ will be the creditor of former company;

3- The company facility, employee & staff will be the same, and can 100% provide the same products, support and service;

4- The former brand will be isolated and preserved from now on, the new company brand will be ‘MemoSolid’ for the future business;

5- The transaction banking account will also be changed, please contact us if you have some payment to us right now.

Anybody or any parties who use the former company name or brand name to do business in the market will be forbidden, we reserve the right to ascertain his (their) legal responsibilities.

Thank you for your understanding and please give your forgiveness of the inconvenience if this enterprise alteration issue affect you and business.

We enjoy the business with you so much!

MemoSolid Technology Ltd


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