MemoSolid Ruggedized Connector Solid State Drive (SSDs)

Customized Ruggedized Connector Solid State Drive


At the moment, more and more military companies or Army-Research Institutes are looking for a better Ruggedized feature storage solution. Since Solid State drive has been a big option for them, so those companies are expecting an extreme ruggedized SSD for their applications and systems.

The traditional application are Aviation and Aerospace. Those SSDs used in such systems will request a very high-level Shock & Vibration performance during its operating, especially in harsh environments or operational environment. The suddenly changed status of those requests a real reliable and stable data & signal contact communication in the SSD storage devices.

MemoSolid customized our high-end industrial and military SSDs with customized ruggedized SATA connector that can solve shock and vibration issues in defense applications. They are specially designed for hostile environments; these connectors are unique contact and pin design eliminates pin fretting and intermittent disconnects to assure long-term dependability. The ruggedized connector makes our SSD series the ultimate Solid State Solution for mission critical applications.


Ruggedized Connector Features:

  • Support SATA rate to 6Gbps (3Gbps is sufficient for some applications);
  • Wire basket design with 360 of contact;
  • Immunity to shock and vibration;
  • 50% lower contact resistance than regular contact;
  • Higher inches of gold contact plating;
  • 100 000 insertions with ‘little to no’ performance degradation;

Eitan-S/Eitan-M: Customized SSD case, Smiths Ruggedized Connector, Military secure SSD.

Neomi-S/Neomi-M: 2.5-inch standard, Smiths Ruggedized Connector, military secure SSD.

Noam-S/Noam-M: Customized SSD Case, Amphenol Ruggedized Connector, Half-Slim SSD.



MemoSolid, is a high-end Industrial & Military SSDs provider and manufacturer.

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